Aqua Cocoon/Hydro Spa

Setting ourselves apart from the next salon, fitness or wellness center has never been made easier than with the Aqua Cocoon IR (Infra-Red) Hydration Pro. This is the first revolutionary full body liquid system that heats and aqua-foliates the skin without drying, while healthy perspiration cleans and de-congests pores. A wide selection of liquid vitamins and minerals, natural herbs, essential oils and Himalaya Salt are released through steam vapor and absorbed into the skin creating clean and radiant skin.

You set the temperature between 77-118F, choose between wet steam or dry heat, turn the pulsating bed on and off, open and close the aroma therapy chamber, control facial air among other options! You are going to love our newest equipment from Estonia!


  • Skin Solutions Infusion System

  • Radiant Heat & Steam Infusion

  • Colorful Spectrum Lights to set the mood

  • Pulsating Massage Bed

  • Adjustable Facial Cooler

  • Enriched Oxygenized Air

30 minute session $30

Package of 10 session $250