Mary Bowers


I view health energetically; starting from the premise that we are energetic beings operating in an energetic world in constant vibration and flow.  When the energy of our body and our thoughts is vibrating optimally, and our emotions are flowing freely, we experience health.  When any of this energy or flow stagnates or becomes blocked, health is compromised and dis-ease begins. I work to increase vibration and flow in the energy centers of the body (called Chakras) using instruments of healing (crystal glass singing bowl, shamanic drum, Koshi bells, vocal toning) and coaching.  My intention is to create an environment which becomes a catalyst for optimal physical, mental, and emotional health.

I believe in a personal approach to healing.  One that meets clients where they are and inspires them to awaken to their own innate ability to heal.  I welcome you warmly and congratulate you for exploring your path towards optimal health.