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Steamy Wonder Spa

Since ancient times, steam therapy has been used by traditions around the world to improve and maintain good health and beauty.  Turkish baths, Indian sweat lodges, Finnish saunas, Japanese steam rooms - these are just a few examples of cultures that harness the power of steam.  Benefits: weight loss, cellulite reduction, detox, stress reduction, joint and muscle pain relief, improving skin and respiratory conditions, boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation and increasing blood flow. Steamy Wonder Spa created the healing treatments for sore joints, arthritis relief, fibromyalgia, and lymphatic drainage.

By owning a Steamy Wonder Spa, we separate ourselves from all other spas in giving healing treatments, by raising the level of healing treatments.  Our system allows clients to lie down comfortably, during the treatment their head remains outside of the tent allowing the lymphatic system and organs to heal themselves.

We use strictly organic herbs, salts and essential oils, blend these ingredients in a bamboo bowl, drop the mixture in distilled water and boil the water in the equipment. The herb infused steam enters the tent and circulates in an even flow under the canopy.  30 minute sessions starting from $30 without add-ons.