Acupuncture Treatments

Dr Chung Park



Dr. Park is a licensed Acupuncturist and Asian Herbal Medicine Specialist in Maryland and Virginia. He is experienced in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Japanese Acupuncture, Five Elements Acupuncture and Korean Four Needle Acupuncture. 

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I graduated from DU Los Angeles, with oriental medicine and acupuncture doctoral degree. I am currently licensed in DC, MD, VA, and CA and have been practicing overall 8 years.

My specialty is pain relief which was developed in two ways; 5 elemental and muscular approach. At the time of being in California, I came to meet a 5 elemental master and saw many patients became better pretty instantly. In some of miraculous cases, an old lady’s kidney stone disappeared after 3 months, and old man’s heart rate was rather normalized from tachycardia, or 15 year lasting constant headache with 9/10 scale was reduced to 3/10. I adopted his great technique and was able to drag up the efficiency of treatment in the short period experience. After the mastering of the 5 elemental approach, I found some people felt easier to accept acupuncture by Qi channel-muscular stimulation than the elemental one. It was able to be developed in the combination of meridian and muscle knowledge by the accumulated clinical experience and cooperation with a sports medicine chiropractor. These became the basis of treatment approach and I enjoy my job with seeing people better.


First visit with assessment (90 Minutes) / $145
Follow up visits (60 Minutes) / $95
Fertility Treatments with Moxabustion $120
Facial Rejuvenation $100
Cupping Add-on $20
Moxabustion Add-on $20