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Please note that our gift cards are set to expire a year from the day of purchase. Over a year we cannot honor and overwrite expired gift cards.

If the recipient is not a candidate for a prepaid service due to contraindications (medical condition, pregnancy, injury, surgery, etc) we allow the recipient to exchange the service for another type of service for the same face value as long as it is used within a year.

If the gift card cannot be used for any reason we allow the recipient to hand the gift card over to a third party as long as it is used within a year.

If lost or stolen it can only be replaced within a year. We cannot reissue gift cards with damaged redemption codes.

If electronic gift cards are copied or reproduced, presented with missing pages, presented without expiration dates, or if the redemption code is damaged, or if we cannot establish the original owner or recipient of the gift card we reserve the right to refuse such a gift card.

No refunds or exchanges on gift cards!

Please print and/or email this page with the gift card when handing it to the recipient.